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look at this cutie pie <3  Alex Turner

look at this cutie pie Alex Turner

Al (about to fall) & Taylor hahahahha alex is always gonna be a cute goofball no matter how badass he looks

Turner in his Elvis Costello stage With lady friend Taylor Bagley 2016 *Please name photographer

• gifs Arctic Monkeys Alex Turner I WANT TO VOMIT *arcticmonkeys finching •

Don't worry Alex, you look brilliant!

tumblr_mxvlg8nZer1t66aaxo2_250.gif (245×225)

tumblr_mxvlg8nZer1t66aaxo2_250.gif (245×225)

Alex turner GIF Arctic Monkeys

when you're not paying attention in class and the teacher calls on you

when the teacher asks you to answer the question because you weren’t paying attention but you know the answer

And when Alex Turner was this pleased about Arctic Monkeys winning a BRIT Award.