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Bashar-Asad no stare en un Goverment de transicion in Siria

Bashar H. Alasad President of Syria Arab Republic

Le expertes deci que le guerre de Siria sabe ste enkisted http://multieconomie.org/tabid/788/newsid2530/286724/Default.aspx

US warns Damascus against transferring arms to Hezbollah

Iran have debuted a demantele su nuclear instalacions

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Preste de 50 decedes por un pompedee rusian in Siria

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US to send special forces to Syria, powers divided on Assad - http://www.thelivefeeds.com/us-to-send-special-forces-to-syria-powers-divided-on-assad/

US to send special forces to Syria, powers divided on Assad

Η ΜΟΝΑΞΙΑ ΤΗΣ ΑΛΗΘΕΙΑΣ: Επόμενη στάση, το Ιράν!

Η ΜΟΝΑΞΙΑ ΤΗΣ ΑΛΗΘΕΙΑΣ: Επόμενη στάση, το Ιράν!

A Mil Mi-28N strike helicopter of the Russian Aerospace Forces crashed in Syria in the early hours of Tuesday morning killing both pilots, Russia’s Defense Ministry said.

Mil Halo helicopter fly over the Red Square during the Victory Day parade that was an exercise of strength for Putin's Russia

Le Califate Islamik vende esclaves yazidies por 250 dolars

Not …surprised…in…the…least…… (File photo) A confidant tells of an experience he had the other day in a Finnish language course. This person (a dear friend) is t…

Siria autorise a le ONU a rechercher le posible atake chimical

Syria Chemical Weapons: Activists Accuse Government Forces Of Using Nerve Gas to Kill Hundreds

Turkia proteste por le bombardements rusian en Siria

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Mursi deci que Egipto "no permitire le division de Siria"

Lifting Conventional Weapons Ban Among Final Obstacles to Iran’s Nuclear Deal

Sta en vigor le tregua in Siria con multes dubitars

His Grip Still Secure, Bashar al-Assad Smiles as Syria Burns

Crisis de le Governe frances por le mesures de austeritie

President Hollande says France is still ready to take action in Syria alongside the US, despite UK MPs blocking British involvement. France therefore is backing the US if there is ever going to be a military intervention.

Obama previce posible accione militars in Siria

deal with Iran – based on assumptions about an Iranian nuclear weapons program that American intelligence agencies have twice concluded does not exist – allows the U. to concentrate on p.