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moon & stars ----> background galaxy, faded moon with dripping stars around to form constellations?

Moon Phase

Moon- inspiration for a tattoo - white ink with a little grey shading on the top of my back / bottom of my neck. I actually love this idea.


I see the moon. the moon sees me. god bless the moon. god bless me!

Moon phases galaxy art print, home wall decor, apartment wall art, modern print,.

I feel like I’m alone in the universe. - credit to uuniversee.tumblr.com

I feel like I’m alone in the universe.

I walk about fifty feet before the trees give way to a spectacular scene. The moon is hanging high over the ocean, casting its beautiful reflection on the water's surface. The sound of the waves crashes beneath me. I close my eyes and take a deep breath.  I dangle my legs over the edge and take another deep, soothing breath. I try clearing my mind and focus on the moon shining on the water, the sound of the breeze coming up over the cliffs, the waves crashing against the rocks below me.

moonlight on the ocean, I really like the how dark the picture is and how the moon light shines on the water. Painting this!