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Ghost of past relationships

and on the seventh night, James got a visit from the Ghost of Past Relationships." Short story by Chiara Bautista

chiara bautista wolf | e926 anthro canine car chiara_bautista dark detailed_background ...

megandear: “ Unattainable things by Chiara Bautista ” More posts like this here xX

"My very quick and humble opinion" - Chiara Bautista

The Artist before Kindred League of Legends’ new Champion parallels Chiara Bautista’s Artwork

#WritingPrompt: Your protagonist has been searching for this beast for years. (S)he may have bitten off more than (s)he can chew. But there's no going back now. After all, its blood is the only thing that can cure their disease.   www.writersrelief.com

amazing paintings created by a polish artist in order to overcome his depression. but I still just want to pet all the big mysterious animals


i miss you water rain skull bunny nostalgia mermaid ghost Chiara Bautista

“As for my personal work, I create the illustrations in order to work as part of a small conversation and use them to express something I can’t find the right words for. After more than a decade of condensing big amounts of text into single images on a daily basis, I find using visual communication as normal as any other language. We can say things through music, words and actions. I’m one of those who like to say it using figures and colors.” Chiara Bautista

I take no credit for this art. This art does not belong to me. The original artist is Chiara B.