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O Livro da Natureza: Insetos Phasmotedea

Achriopterae spinosissima from Madagascar a colorful stick insect species

Some of the Largest and Scariest Insects.     Source and for more.   Related Articles Eating Insects – The Next Celebrity Fad (blogpestcontrol.com) Insects Offer Solutions To F…

Scary, Large Insects Photo Essay

Titan Beetles: These giant bugs can be around 7 inches long and their pincers can snap a pencil in half… but they usually leave humans alone. If you bother it, though, it will attack you. The world’s largest beetle WILL attack you.

Leaf Beetle

Beetles in the family Chrysomelidae are commonly known as leaf beetles. This is a family of over species in more than genera, one of the largest and most commonly-encountered of all beetle families.

#ZOOLOGIC http://facts-of-insects.blogspot.nl/2013/09/insects-and-bugs-world.html

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Foto animada

Giant Tasmanian Freshwater Lobster - I think it's not the right thing for your aquarium.this is one OLD lobster.

The World's Largest Insects - these Katydids found in Malaysia are said to be the largest insect in the world. Yummy!

Giant Long-Legged Katydid The giant katydid is the largest species of katydids in the world, growing up to 6 inches long. These gentle giants have a leaf-like appearance and can be found mostly in Malaysia