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Steve McQueen, Sam Peckinpah | Back set of The Getaway | 1972 | as Doc McCoy

Unseen Steve McQueen snaps

Director Sam Peckinpah and actor Steve McQueen on the set of "The Getaway"

Steve McQueen,Justin Tarr  | Back Set of Bullitt | 1968 | as Frank Bullitt

endlessme: “ Steve McQueen and Justin Tarr photographed by Barry Feinstein, on the set of Bullitt, ”

Steve, Neile et Michael Douglas.

Steve McQueen, His wife Nellie and Michael Douglas at Annual Golden Globe Awards

Entre les tournages, Steve se maintenait en forme.

Entre les tournages, Steve se maintenait en forme.

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Steve McQueen & Yul Brynner on the set of The Magnificent Seven This is my Favorite Western Film.

Steve McQueen & John Wayne

Steve McQueen hugging John Wayne On close inspection it appears Steve’s about two sheets to the wind and has just knocked off the Duke’s custom Stetson. The Duke don’t care, he loves him anyway.

Les Reivers - Sharon Farrell - Steve McQueen - Mitch Vogel

Steve McQueen with Mitch Vogel and Sharon Farrell -- The Reivers -- Mitch is 56 these days -- he played Jamie Cartwright on the later seasons of Bonanza.