A. Pavlova. "La muerte del cisne".

Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova as The Dying Swan Anna Pavlova in the Fokine/Saint-Saëns The Dying Swan, Saint Petersburg, 1905

Anna Pavlova as ‘Giselle’ - 1924 - London - @~ Mlle

Anna Pavlova as 'Giselle' - 1924 - London - Mlle: Anna Pavlova as 'Giselle' - 1924 - London - Mlle

Anna Pavlova by elvia

Anna Pavlova in her signature role, The Dying Swan. Her feet were so severely arched, she had to invent her own reinforced shoe. It is rumored that she would retouch her photographs to make her pointe shoes look like those favorable of the era.

Anna Pavlova 1914,

Morning, Noon, and Night: When To Go To Ballet Class

Anna Pavlova costumed as The dying swan 2 Anna Pavlova in costume for The Dying Swan, c.1910s

Anna Pavlova costumed as The dying swan 2 Anna Pavlova in costume for The Dying Swan,


„The ballet is a purely female thing; it is a woman, a garden of beautiful flowers, and man is the gardener…” (Alessandra Ferri in Giselle - American Ballet Theatre, 2005 - Photo Fabrizio Ferri)


Ballet Royale Institute of Maryland is proud to welcome Caroline Rocher! Picture: 'Scheherazade' Alonzo King's LINES ballet, Caroline Rocher

Мир на кончике носка

Anna Pavlova Russian ballerina, famous for solo performances especially as the Dying Swan(Sterbender Schwan).

Amelia Short. The name may be deceiving. She was a 14 year old who "wasn't built right for dance". So, she started skate boarding during the day and secretly training for dance in her free time. No one knew who she really was. And she loved it.

given them credit for it. What a fantastic pic! The photog was able to capture the tom-boy on the right, even the way the leg is shaped, and the feminine dancer on the left with grace and elegance. Fabulous shot and design!

Whether at rest or in motion, fat bodies are so beautiful.

The Big Ballet is a troupe of dancers from Russia who weigh a minimum of 220 pounds each. Let’s not pretend you need to be a certain weight to be able to perform fouetté en tournant. This makes me feel better about my weight. Not great, but better.

i can't remember if i've pinned this one before - but i like it.... :)

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Anna Pavlova vintage ballet ballerina photo by ilyaballet, via Flickr

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