It's that time of the year again :-) #holidays #horses #funstuff #nickerdoodles

It's almost that time of the year again :-) I'm sure my horses think this when the holiday rolls around!

Halloween might be these horses least favorite holiday.

13 Horses That Couldn't Be Less Excited About Halloween

Breed Chart: Horses

Horse breeds: The falabella ponies are the smallest know to man, reaching to only about 3 ft. Tall when fully grown! Pony of the Americans is a awesome horse for kids. They have a perfect slope in their backs so it's easy to stay on, even bareback.


Ah yes, with winter comes the "how-quickly-can-I-destroy-my-blankets-and-make-mom-go-broke" game. Haha So true though!

Some people..... -facepalm-

Some people should not own horses. No saddle pad. No bridle - resulting in bit clanking on teeth. AND that girth! I can't believe she hasn't been dumped on the ground yet. And ugg boots?

What kind of horse are you? #equineconnection #horsinaround

Quiz:+What+Breed+of+Horse+are+You? Hahaha turns out I'm a Clydesdale the perfect kinda horse

Knabstrup for Sale: Stallion, Leopard, 6 years in Oeversee, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany (Caballo-ID: HA013313) | Caballo Horsemarket

The Knabstrupper - Knabstrupper horses were bred in Denmark as far back as 1671 when they were called "The Tiger Horses." In this royal breeding line came to an end. One of my favourite horses

this seat is taken

You got me, tiny bird!<<<<< it's a hummingbird. It looks like a hummingbird. I say its the cutest hummingbird yet

Not being able to catch your horse is a sign of something going wrong. Please take the time to love on your horse and work on catching him more then riding.

Anybody else have trouble catching your horse when they are on pasture? My horse…