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The Splendor of Maxine

It's not easy being a mother these days . Texting in all caps just doesn't have the same impact as good, old-fashioned YELLING! - Maxine, words of wisdom - How to raise a modern son / daughter

Not even on Mother's Day! #parenting #funny

37 Funny Mother’s Day Cards That Will Automatically Make You Her Favorite

Deceased Dad Birthday Poems. But If You Mess With My Children I Will Break Out A Level Of

Aside from the language, this makes me laugh every time. Funny Baby Ecard: "You may think you're being cute by waking up at the ass crack of dawn, but just remember.one day you will be a teenager, and payback sucks.

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The Knot - Your Personal Wedding Planner

Ahahaha! I really shouldn't think that this is that funny..I'm such a horrible person. :P

Humor In Dites & Fitness Weight Watchers diet pills. How to lose weight fast ?

From iFunny. I totally do this.

two trips are for pansies. This is me! I hate making 2 trips

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Some of the Funniest Mother's Day Memes

Every mom has bad days. Every mom cries. Every mom struggles with their role, but don't worry. you're a good mom.

Mothers Day crafts for kids

Homemade keepsake Mother’s Day gifts

Mothers Day crafts for kids. Can write it on a card or print on gifts like mugs, etc.

"I'm a nurse and a chef and a chauffeur and a therapist and.