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Numero ounosse

Numero ounosse

Oh my gosh!! Marco only has half a star!! xD < I don't see whats so funny! !! *sobbing*:

Ladies and gentleman i give you the AoT fandom filled with dead Marco jokes (though it's not half bad) *ba-dum-tiss* (≧∇≦)

Anime 1: Attack on Titans// Anime 2: Black Butler// Anime 3: Lucky Star XD

Anime Attack on Titans// Anime Black Butler// Anime Lucky Star XD<<<<I believe hetalia would be a better example for the last one

Star! XD ..although it is true. Steven Universe x SVTFOE

//Every girls dream is to see their ship turn into a giant homo! XD Steven Universe x SVTFOE

My mother was in the room when the scene came on. She gave me a wielded out expression so drastic, it was as if "2 girls 1 cup" was on. XD

One of my favorites. Soul Eater

8 Free Star Wars Printables with a Coffee Theme!

Free Star Wars Printables with a Coffee Theme

Star Butterfly - Star vs. the Forces of Evil Wiki

Disney XD Orders Season 2 Of ‘Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil’ Ahead Of Series Launch

daronnefcy: “ Make sure you watch Star vs the Forces of Evil on the Disney channel tonight! ” Watch the first episode tonight on Disney I worked on this for most of last year with a really.

Darth Vader's Armor  #starwars

Darth Vader's Armor