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Splash of color

Watermelon Photography + Art + Valentines Day + Heart + Black and White + Red + Pink + Select Color

Emphasis; everything around the tutu is black and white; the tutu is the main focal point

With everything black & white except for her pink tutu reminds me that the thing you love could brings the color into your world. This spot coloring is used for emphasis. I think this is really well done and can effectively be used by Yearbook.

Leland Bobbé's Half-Drag series simultaneously (and breathtakingly) features two sides of New York City's drag queens -- the beautifully made-up queens and the men that lie beneath the paint and wigs.

LOOK: Incredible 'Half-Drag' Photos To Be Discussed In NYC

A touch of love. This reminds me so much of a drawing my crush made! Gah so cute

Fresh Start - Chapter 5

#Black and #White with a drop of #Color  | Focus.

Week Challenge: Focus This week with the challenge being focus, what better way but to do a colour splash on my chosen photo. This week I took my challenge photo focused on a box of pencils, very simple, but I liked it.