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So True

Beat 4 players and score a goal in training. coach doesn't see it. fall over the ball coach sees it 😂😂😂 ah well I still start for football and rugby . need to join better teams though I'm too good for them.

I always follow the rules.  Actually, one of my flashcards looked similar to this one o.o And they thought I was silly for practicing writing that small... pshaw.

I always follow the rules…

teacher: Only one notecard should do. every other normal student: she expects us to use the whole notecard? me: *notecard filled with font and filled front and back with all the info* ready for the quiz

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Missing shin guard, jersey or socks

The way I feel when I'm missing shin guards, jerseys, socks, cleats, and a soccer ball

Helpful lol

OH MY GOD i can't even tell you HOW many times kids have asked for help drawing a soccer ball. and this is 100 x's better than anything i've come up with! Hope this helps with drawing a soccer ball.

YES!!!!!!!!!! like girl please I gotta run ther and manage to throw it. last time I check I can't do that in 2 inches!!!

And then you're just stepping on feet, other random balls, bags, and other…

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Girl volleyball players vs boy volleyball players/ players who've play for years vs new players