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Echidna wildlife tours in Melbourne, Australia - Koala watching.

Russian Dolls in Melbourne's lanes and arcades

The fabulous babushka shop - Go shopping in Melbourne's lanes and arcades

Koala in Tree - Koala sitting in an Eucalyptus Tree, Australia, Close Up

Did you know this about Koalas? People are often surprised as to the sound the Koala "Bear" makes - very endearing. Check out some more interesting facts about Koalas!

Coalas (Sandra Rodrigues Google+)

Coalas (Sandra Rodrigues Google+)


Adorable koala - cute little tongue! A koala has two thumbs and three fingers on each of their front paws.

A seven-week old baby spider monkey from Melbourne zoo in Australia - Pixdaus

The order primate includes: apes** prosimians and monkeys. All Monkeys are primates but not all primates are monkeys. Apes may be sub divided into two suborders depending on a scientist own theory.