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Late Night Randomness (28 Photos)

Sharks on the ocean floor.not a big fan of sharks but this is an awesome photo.


Manta rays(majestic sea flap flaps,to the better informed)are awesome. watched 46 of them flying over me one night


Flying bat's wings details seen as the flaming orange and brown sunset light passes through them.

Arraia. This  is some kind of ray. It's pretty good looking. It's a shame this board needs a really good split.

This is some kind of ray. It's a shame this board needs a really good split.

Wyłoniono zwycięzcę konkursu fotograficznego "National Geographic Traveler Photo 2015". Został nim Anuar Patjane za zdjęcie humbaków z pływającymi obok nurkami. http://www.tvn24.pl/zdjecia/national-geographic-traveler-photo-contest-2015,47155,lista.html

Photo and caption by Anuar Patjane Floriuk / National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest: Grand Prize - Diving with a humpback whale and her newborn calf while they cruise around Roca Partida … in the Revillagigedo [Islands], Mexico.

Naturaleza marina

Naturaleza marina