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Que graciosa

10 episodes that show how Cheers stayed great for 11 seasons

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Season 2

Watch the new trailer for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 2 starring Ellie Kemper, Tituss Burgess, and Jane Krakowski. Netflix also unveiled a new poster.

Google Image Result for http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_iTF1i7VeOfo/SCxPl4sI2dI/AAAAAAAAA8o/3FoZBJBE1AU/s320/mr_belvedere%255B1%255D.jpg

Mister Belvedere Group Picture in Blue Background Television Photo - 23 x 30 cm

The Law & Harry McGraw

A guide listing the titles and air dates for episodes of the TV series The Law & Harry McGraw.

Benson--I loved this show growing up.

A retro look at 1979 TV and Television of the Sixties and Seventies


The 50 Greatest Sitcoms of All Time

Doogie Howser, M.D. - NPH @age 16...why does he look like SUCH A BABY TO ME?

Doogie Howser, M.D

Doogie Howser, M. is an American comedy-drama television series that ran for four seasons from 1989 to It stars Neil Patrick Harris in the title role as a teenage physician who also faces the problems of being a normal teenager.

popular 60's tv shows Art Linkletter

Art Linkletter's House Party (also called The Linkletter Show in it's last year) - airing from September 1952 to September 1969 on CBS. Kids Say the Darnedest Things with Bill Cosby in the came out of the same idea Linkletter had done on House Party.

Remember "It's a Living?" Made me want to be a waitress, for a fleeting moment. #80s #TV

'Memba Them? -- Part 1 - Ann Jillian is best known for playing the hot blonde Cassie Cranston in the LA based server sitcom "It's a Living.


Diff'rent Strokes wha chu you talkin bout Willis

Family.  We never missed watching it.  Everyone told my daughter Jen that she looked like Kristy McNichol who played Buddy on the show.

Family (TV Series Kristy McNichol always reminded me of my sister. Loved this show. She was unlike anyone else, I loved watching it!

Smothers Brothers

Smothers Brothers

The Flying Nun...

"The Flying Nun" Alejandro Rey as Carlos Ramirez Madeleine Sherwood as Mother Superior Shelley Morrison as Sister Sixto Sally Field as Sister Bertrille Marge Redmond as Sister Jacqueline


"Chips" tv series-actually got to meet Erik Estrada at a book talk and got a kiss all on film WooHoo

China Beach

China Beach, loved this show

Do you remember Diff'rent Strokes? Share your memories at DoYouRemember.co.uk

Diff'rent Strokes

Conrad Bain died today at the age of He played father Phillip Drummond on "Different Strokes" who had a daughter and adopted two african-american boys. Sadly, Todd Bridges is the last remaining cast member.