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A Witch's List of Magickal Foods and Their Properties

✯ The promise of The Goddess contained within the heart of the Apple :: If you cut an apple horizontally through it's center, you will see the 5 pointed star formed by its seeds. A wiccan food that is used in love, healing, garden magic, and immortality.


Sigil for quieting the mind Requested by Anonymous Here you go my friend. Thank you for the request, I appreciate it. Sigil requests are open. For more of my sigils go.

How to Attract Fairies in your Home | Galactic Connection

Release,Restore,Require Good Morning Lovelies! Are you preparing for the New Moon? When I wrote this it was during the Aries New Moon, but this can apply to any of them. Now is the perfect time to …

Sigil to help one take decisive action

Midsummer is also referred to as Litha

Midsummer is also referred to as Litha