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Increíbles Calabazas de Halloween #creativa #creativapanama #creativapty #halloween #panama

Increíbles Calabazas de Halloween #creativa #creativapanama #creativapty #halloween #panama

Fat Betsy

Pagan New Year. “ “ American artist Ray Villafane has taken pumpkin carving to a whole new level. Using his background in fine art and his work in designing models for DC and Marvel comics, Ray turns.

Villafane Studios

Last year we showed you some terrifyingly cool carved pumpkins by American sculptor Ray Villafane, and now he's back with some new pumpkin faces! His pumpkin

Mort "The Old Man" by Shawn Feeney

❀⊱╮Watermelon Carving / Food Art / Fruit Art / food carving / Mort - pumpkin sculpture by Shawn Feeney

Artist Ray Villafane talks about his work and shares tips for creating your own cut-above pumpkins.

Food Sculptor Ray Villafane Shares Pumpkin Carving Tips

Holdin' my Breath till Blue Pumpkin Sculpture/Carving by Ray Villafane

15 Incredible pumpkins that will make you question your carving skills: Pumpkin holding its breath

Exploding fruit photography. Fruit ninja is a reality!

Alan Sailer’s Delicious Pics Of Exploding Food And Toys

Alan Sailer uses precisely times explosions and extremely high speed cameras to capture exploding food! Precisely Timed Explosions of Food Captured in Photos