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the only scale that has never been equal in reality is that which carries truth and justice

((Will remove this later if I change my mind, but.I'm thinking of altering his career a bit--)) annalise

i am in pieces. {{ @neverwordless }}

—hot tears rolled down his cheek as his shaky hands ripped the report pages apart. with a ragged cough his muscles relaxed and the scraps fluttered down into the empty coffee cup.

T H E _ C O L L E C T O R

Day After The Ball, Closed, Wiley I pick up the file with pictures slowly. The police woman watches me, so does my mother. I press my lips and look up at them. I open up the file and glance down, I then close it quickly. Thats her I breath heavily

When the Rhoski's like something...

Fun Fact: I have genuinely considered going to Disneyland, which is full of feral cats, and stealing one

Pin de orgullo bisexual gay solapa pin de la bandera

Be proud of your LGBTQIA+ friends! Show the world your support for these communities by wearing these colorful accessory. Pin by Compoc

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A cliffside wedding where festoon lighting and blush toned florals danced before the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea.