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Saeran by Monsohot

“ I’m just comin back to my country so the workload is a bit high. During the travel, I have drawn another artwork for this project.

Ootori Guard (OHSHC) - Vacation gone wrong

Ootori Guard (OHSHC) - Vacation gone wrong

*Admin* Meeee-oww... Levi you look so hot with your hair like that- CMERE BBY!!~~~~~~~~~~ AGHHH GETTOFF MY HAIR ISN'T MEANT TO GO LIKE THAT!! ~~~~~~~~~~ *admin* EREN HELP ME MAKE LEVI LOOK PRETTY✨ ~~~~~~~~~~ LE DONE~ ~~~~~~~~~~ I WILL EXTERMINATE YOU. EVERY LAST ONE OF- *Sees mirror* actually, I look really- how do you say it? Mighty fine punk rock- like this...

Tatuemos la vida [LevixReader] [Lemon] [Attack on Titan] [Shingeki no Kyojin] - Capítulo 6: Solo suya.

The Devil is a Part-timer

I love anime guys with long dark hair that covers one of their eyes! Lucifer, Fang, Nezumi ~ LOVE THEM