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Pretty sure 400 of these are during the day when they're at school....

This is why my brain hurts at the end of every day. I have a 5 year old that is just now on this kick . a four year old . and a 3 year old who likes the word, "why.

Bring her in. She has my nose. reminds me of scorch trials

Too funny! Anyways if you want to work at home to get to spend more time with your cute kids pin this one

archer meme - Google Search

27 Times When Sterling Archer Was The Perfect Role Model. These examples are big part of why I love this show.

I have tried to go through this many times and not laugh. I have never been successful.

Wat lady meme turned into different memes. wat-old-lady-meme-compilation Source by

Hay que especificar... jajaja

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