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Stop What You're Doing And Look At This Chipmunk Giving A Teddy Bear Kisses

Stop What You're Doing And Look At This Chipmunk Giving A Teddy Bear Kisses


image of a chipmunk sitting near a tin can, holding up a snack bar wrapper in a way that looks like the chipmunk is reading the newspaper

Chipmunk cheeks.... This is how I look at the moment from my first SARPE jaw surgery ... Although sadly not as cute as this little bugger

had a chipmunk or two enjoying the sunflower seeds and peanuts I put out

He wants some nuts.


Sweet little guy!Squirrel who comes every day for nuts // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -


- Rescued and Rehabilitated a baby squirrel. Then released to the Wildlife Rescue center :) Miss you squeekers!<-- that is not a squirrel that is a little fluffy ball of happiness and all that is good and pure in the world ^.

We've seen many different kinds of funny animals lick many different things. However, the funniest thing to see is animals exploring glass by licking it.

Kind of depressing, but they are cute.

I'm gonna go by me a fix now 😃😃😃tame fox MORE OF WTF-FUN-FACTS are coming HERE awesome places and weird facts ONLY

Otter rock

Well that's the most adorable thing ever. Otters collect their favorite rocks in a pocket!

Asleep over a bowl of ice left out for him in the middle of a summer heatwave.

Squirrel laying on a bowl of ice in 115 degree Oklahoma. :) Either that or a dead squirrel laying on a bowl of ice?