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Reno 911

Now let's finish up with a look at a few photos of the RENO 911 .

Ah Eric. You and your smart mouth

I'm saying that Eric Forman is hot. I love his sense of humor soooo much! I wish he existed in real life.

That '70s Show

I don't think I can EVER get enough of this sitcom.one of my all-time faves!

That 70's show

That Show best thing ever when I was a teenager. Was a great show. Still watch the reruns.

Just let it go, Kelso…

Just let it go, Kelso…

The first TV show since Friends that makes me laugh out loud.

Modern Family: The Complete Second Season 2 (DVD, 2011, 3-Disc Set)

Born in the '80s, grew up in the '90s

Except for the Nanny and Full House, these shows were my childhood.

coach series

random thoughts for tuesday october 4th, 2011

Coach - funniest tv show ever. Craig T & Jerry Van Dyke have me ROFL :D

Mythbusters poster Metal Sign Wall Art 8in x 12in

Mythbusters poster Metal Sign Wall Art 8in x 12in

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CSI: Miami is a spinoff of the popular CBS police drama series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The series features a new team of crime scene investigators that works for the Miami-Dade police department. It stars David Caruso, Emily Procter, Adam Rod.

According to Jim  Starring Jim Belushi  2001 - 2009

According to Jim TV show centered around macho everyman, his loving wife, and their three precocious children.