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Crescent City, CA.The Redwoods with my husband and father in law on our roadtrip through California. The Redwoods are such a magical place.

In the city I often feel small and insignificant. Worse, I feel disconnected. In the midst of nature I also feel small. The difference? In nature, though I am personally insignificant, I feel CONNECTED. That makes all the difference.

Blue Forest, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - it really is this awe-inspiring gorgeous - Just north of Montana. So gorgeous to travel north.

Stress Is More Contagious Than Flu

Color pallet palette inspiration garden river water boat canoe kayak tree garden yellow flowers green reflection brown boat Keukenhof Gardens, the Netherlands

Redwood National Park in California, where burls are hacked off by poachers, is an endangered World Heritage site, according to UNESCO. (Photo: Michael Schweppe via Wikipedia)

Alder Lake, Camping, Fishing Etc. an idea for the logo: overfed crazy bird sitting at the top of his tree overlooking mt rainier Fox in Mt.