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Only Heechul and Hongki! I swear! | allkpop Meme Center

Only Heechul and Hongki! I swear!

No wonder Heechul and Hongki hang out together.they have so much in common.like bashing their own company lol allkpop meme center

I love it when he does cute unexpected things like this because even though he is the grandfather, he still is a child.

Awww Yoongi is such a squishy little fluff ball i love him so much

Il y a qlq jours on m'a demandé de chanter shape of you et j'étais genre wtf c quoi déjà ?

Me and my friends. "Who even is [Enter Mainstream English Singer]?

"Shy Exo members..and there you have Chanyeol the Happy virus and Kris the Cold guy" - Cold Guy Is The Funniest Title Haha

"Shy Exo members aannnnd then you have Chanyeol: The Happy Virus & Kris: The Cold Guy" - 'Cold Guy' Is the funniest title, lol XD

get yourself friends like the members of seventeen (i wish i had friends like those though)

Don't touch me! I'm now a fan of 97 Liner TTuTT I feel like one since we're all the same age~


oh dear lord, that's going to haunt my dreams tonight. it's so true though.

If anybody asks me, I will be at the corner crying alone

If anybody asks me, I will be at the corner crying alone and dying

EXO Chanyeol Sehun

Perks of being the tallest ones in EXO. Comes naturally.

poor chunji......but yea you do look like nickkhun XD

Chunji being mistaken for Nickhun. His face is priceless! I love how the guy asked about Tiffany and Chunji was just like "Yes.