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A suddenly single woman in the starts a new career at a local news station in Minneapolis and makes a new surrogate family.

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Proven And Tested.How to Succeed Like a “Goat in High Grass”

Mr. Letterman, 69, had an especially feisty relationship with Donald J. Trump, who had been a frequent guest and sparring partner since the 1980s. As an interview subject since becoming the Republican presidential nominee, Mr. Trump has since bedeviled hosts like Jimmy Fallon (who was criticized for going too easy on him) and Stephen Colbert (who acknowledges he should have been a tougher interrogator). But Mr. Letterman seemed to land some lasting hits on Mr. Trump

Letterman Has No Love for ‘Damaged’ Trump

Letterman Has No Love for ‘Damaged’ Trump In an interview, Mr. Letterman gave his thoughts on the Republican presidential nominee and why he considers him “a person to be shunned.

Twitter / TheObamaDiary: Loooove it! (A supporter holds ...

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24 hours in pictures: A Michelle Obama supporter holds up a sign Ohio, US: a supporter holds up a sign during a campaign rally where the US Ffrst lady, Michelle Obama, was due to speak at the Ohio Wesleyan University Photograph: Jewel Samad

Bring It!: Battle Royale 2015: Dancing Dolls vs. YCDT Supastarz Medium S...

Watch the medium portion of the Battle Royale 2015 stand battle between the Dancing Dolls and YCDT Supastarz in this scene from "Battle Royale Subscri.

String lights over crowd at rooftop party

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