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What's The Fastest Way To Grow Marijuana?

I got ounces of dried buds off this tiny marijuana girl who spent her whole life in a solo cup. I had to weigh the bottom down with rocks to prevent her from falling over.

In the Bible (hemp, marijuana, knh-bsn, kaneh-bosm, kananabosm, cannabis)

For the ones who argue that this is the devils work. I couldn't agree more - a plant "supposedly" created by God yet it's illegal, hypocrites all of them!

http://Papr.Club - Another cool link is lgmsports.com  Beginners Growing Marijuana Indoors

Buy a complete ready-to-grow system that includes everything needed for a professional grow.

A lot of good info even for the outdoor grower.

Carefully selected mothers and ‘fathers’ are used to create our cannabis genetics. We use the most stable, viable and potent plants to produce our cannabis seeds.