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Caffeine Mug , caffeine, by mouth, every 4 hrs, as needed

caffeine mug 5 Mugs

so true---I don't drink coffee, but made me laugh anyways! It's medical lingo for: Caffeine---By mouth (PO), every 4 hours as necessary (PRN)! This would have been funnier back in nursing school ages ago!


Funny Workplace Ecard: Nursing - a profession where 'rolling fatties' means something entirely different .

Nurse humor.

Nurse humor

Nearly every time. And those who don't are probably sick in the head.

Christmas How The Grinch Stole Christmas snow winter movie ice hate bad grinch everyday double

Nursing Student. What people think Nursing Students do! #meme #internet #lol

What I really do...

This is exactly my life. What people think Nursing Students do!