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Ginger Lemon 🍋 immunity booster shots


Ginger Lemon Immune boosting shots 🍋 easy to make in a blender no juicer needed ! boost your immunity, metabolism, weight loss control ,energy, mood and more!⁣
start your morning prepare your body for the day ahead 💪🏻⁣
- Ginger Shot:⁣
🍋¼ cup fresh raw ginger knobs, chopped⁣
🍋½ cup(110 ml ) lemon juice (squeezing 3-4 medium lemons should produce about ½ cup juice)⁣
🍋 1 pinch of ground turmeric / cayenne pepper ⁣
🍋 2 Tbsp sweetener syrup of choice , to keep it sugar free⁣
Instructions :⁣
- preparing ginger : (strongest heat): wash the ginger, chop it roughly, and toss it skin ON into a high speed blender. Since you are straining away the pulp this might work for you but only if you have a very strong high-speed blender such as a blendtec or vitamix ⁣
- juice the lemons : ⁣
Once you have your fresh ginger in the blender, it’s time to juice the lemons. First WARM the lemons to get the most juice out of them.⁣
Either microwave for 10 seconds, or let the lemons sit in a bowl of hot water. Cut the lemons at angle for optimum juice extraction. Use a hand or bowl juicer also to be sure to extract the most juice.⁣
Just a note: it is best to juice fresh lemons, not use bottled lemon juice which is missing nutrients from being processed.⁣
- Make the Shots;⁣
When you have both ginger and lemon in the blender, it’s time to blend. (If you are intending to add cayenne pepper / turmeric powder add it now and the syrup .)⁣
- Blend the chopped/pressed ginger and lemon juice until fairly cloudy, then pour this mixture through a fine-mesh sieve, pushing the pulp against the screen with the back of a spoon to squeeze out as much liquid as possible. Save the pulp refrigerated to add to a fruity smoothie mixture within 24 hours.⁣
Store your Shots:⁣
Store in refrigerator for 1 week.⁣
I like to pour into small glass shots , mine from @amazon !⁣
Using; The general recommendation for drinking ginger-lemon shots is to drink 1-2 ounces a day, typically in the morning before drinking or eating anything else, and be sure to drink it all at once. you can have a glass of water right after to wash away any burning if you'd like.

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