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Wilkinson's Wonderful World of Art: 5th Grade - Triangular Design Color Wheels

Wilkinson's Wonderful World of Art: Grade - Triangular Design Color Wheels adding shade and tint concepts to color wheel.

When teaching 6th graders the color wheel, I encourage them to design their own emphasizing the primaries and making sure they understand the relationships to the secondary colors.

Teacher wrote: When I introduce the color unit, I have my students create a design based on the color wheel, only more creative:>) They must show me which are the basic colors, and what the relationships are with the secondary colors.

Magazine color wheel collage... these turned out so great! I remember the kids having a great time on the color search!

This could be for a grade level or more…Magazine color wheel collage. these turned out so great! I remember the kids having a great time on the color search!

A while back I shared a tutorial on how to make a 3-D color wheel out of paper plates, which I found out from a reader comment, came from the September 2010 issue of Arts and Activities. I just wante

5th Grade: 3-D Color Wheel Display (Art Room 104)

Art Room 104: 5th Grade: 3-D Color Wheel Tutorial

When I left on my maternity leave, my graders were still working on their complementary colored checker boards.

painting: tint and shade ice cream cones.

Tints and Shades Ice Cream Cones- Splats, Scraps and Glue Blobs: What a Delicious Project!

Colour Wheel

Secondary colors appear on the color wheel between the two primary colors that made them.

By far, one of THE BEST examples I've seen of a teacher sythnesizing design, the physical method of color mixing AND the tangible/written language of color. Such a beautiful portfolio of work.

Art At Woodstock: Design: Color Wheel High School Project (A way to simplify for elementary students?

Making mosaics- this is fun but I like the look of torn paper better.

I haven't jumped on the paint chip bandwagon, but I like this one. The kids use cut-up paint chips to create their mosaic masterpieces.

TeachKidsArt: Create Your Own Color Wheel

Nothing teaches you as much about color mixing as creating your own color wheel! Here& some helpful vocabulary and directions for creatin.

Color theory...like the idea of every student making a color wheel and then putting them up in this fashion. Great way for students to compare, and see the difference in mixing colors.  Creative Color wheel using   complementary colors.

Creative Color Wheels: Personalized colour wheels: mixing secondary and intermediate colors just using primary colors. The complementary colour is glued on top.