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A black patch on an British Shorthair from China has it looking perpetually shocked all the time. The cat, named Banye, has attracted tons of attention online for its funny expressions.


I WANT! The Big Savannah Breed are a cross between an African Serval and a domestic house cat.They are the size of a normal cat & is very dog like in their character, they love to play fetch and walk on a lead and make wonderful pets to have in the home.

cool These photo can prove that cat want to be a human by  standing with 2 legs

Adorable Photos Of Standing Cat

Please Lord let the Girl who Now walks the dog, receive Divine inspiration and just keep it up for many, many days.


Albert, le nouveau chat toujours en colère

Pompous Albert, A Beautiful Scowling Curly-Haired Cat with a Sharp Sense of Humor

This poor kitten's selfie got ruined by his brother in the background.  25 Best Cat Photobombs - funny cat pictures - kittens

Hilarious cats being cats. Arrogant, standoffish, and insanely hilarious! These crazy cat photobombs are the bomb! The funniest of funny photobombing cats!


Chinese cat with unfortunate dark patch of fur tired of people asking why it’s shocked