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This tree fort is just too cool not to dream of having.

This picture represents being a Transcendentalist because one way you can be one is to live in nature and be one with nature, and whoever lives here is definitely doing that. This place looks like a very nice place to live to appreciate nature everyday.

Britain's Coin wishing tree…People believed that a person suffering from an illness could hammer a coin into a tree trunks and the tree would take the illness away, but if someone removed the coin, they themselves would become ill.

Coin wishing trees…

Funny pictures about Coin wishing trees. Oh, and cool pics about Coin wishing trees. Also, Coin wishing trees.


Molokai, HAWAII // beautiful Hawaiian landscape photos // coastlines of Hawaii

Vol aller-retour: Montréal - Medellín pour $790! #yulair #voyage

Bogota y Medellin en esta lista! The 8 Smartest Cities In Latin America