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What’s the world except a collection of things? And aren’t things sometimes nicer done in marker and crayon? An interview with artist Gregory Blackstock and a gallery from his new book.

Modern life is an ever-accelerating barrage of people, buildings, vehicles, creatures, and things. How much can a curious mind take in?

Blackstock's Collections: The Drawings of an Artistic Savant

Blackstock's Collections: The Drawings of an Artistic Savant


"Creatures of the order Perciformes," Art print of an illustration by Kelsey Oseid. This poster chronicles 31 weird and wonderful fish from the taxonomic order Perciformes. Printed in Minneapolis on acid free 80 cover.

Q+D Anatomy Lessons- Arms and Shoulders by Turtle-Arts on DeviantArt. This is really helpful (and much easier to read if you click through to DeviantArt.

How to draw tack Bridles and Bits by sketcherjak.deviantart.com on @deviantART

These aren't the only things out there of course, but it should get you started and keep your drawing busy. Available in smaller, more digestible chunks. How to draw tack Bridles and Bits

Cats and dogs

As people have been asking me for a wolf-anatomy-tutorial showing how to draw a wolf from zero. I know my own art is far from perfect, so I'm not &.


A quick study of the cat in motion. No more than a minute or two spent on each drawing. Sakura Gelly Roll pen on animation paper. Reference used: Horses. Cat walking changing to gallop