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True in so many ways… what can I say? I lot my Comet dog and Apollo puppy

shame to you people who have your dogs kenneled up all day, and left outside, or the ruthless people who give away their animals for an excuse not a reason

& my life is also about other dogs & animals. I advocate for the voiceless against animal abuse & help homeless pets find homes. I'd go hungry for my dog. I don't understand the wicked people who abuse them or give them up.

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Yup.  Just deal with it.  They're called fur-babies for a reason :)

They're called fur-babies for a reason :) - yes, i do love my dog as much as you love your child.

Yup!!!  Every day!!

My dogs are the reason I get up early So True! Every morning my two rescue yorkies get me up early for their morning hour plus walk.

Do not interrupt a Service dog when they are working!

Here are the top 10 things Service Dog handlers want you to know about their canine partner, the law, access rights, and Service Dog etiquette.