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Trouvailles Pinterest: Vert nature

Android Wallpaper, Theme, Background of Green Green Green for your Android Phones. Beautiful green wall with beautiful flowers and the window

I so want to have a cat. Like really... sometimes all I want to do is cuddle with cats.

just add yarn , perfect sunday setting , cats , coffee , bed and a ball of wool project on the go .

Colors | Blue & Green by loracia

Blue wooden gate and wild flowers! I picture the beach and ocean to be on the otherside of this gate. The sky and gate are the same color Love it - Gardening For You

Steve McQueen & his kitty friend

tout ceci est magnifique: McQueen + Kitty Cat William Claxton ~ Steve McQueen and his family cat Kitty Cat, 1963

Gatos e outros bichos — essaouicat by Djuliet on Flickr

A cat would eat fish, but is loathe to wet its paws. --Chinese Proverb Photo in Essaouira, Morocco ~ As global traveler, my favorite destination.

Black cat

I love this beautiful black cat. He's adorable and sweet, while at the same time being beautiful and mysterious. I love cats, but black cats are the best!