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I luv you guys!!!

I ❤️ you guys so much! But I'm looking forward to talking to you really soon!

Omg this is totes Genessy everyday at lunch @Genessy Terrazas @Silvia Rios @Flor @Daisy Dominguez

Yes, this can't be more accurate! Exept me and my friend are freaking out and there's this one friend that's like Liam/Zayn.


hillelslovak: “niallhorantheirish: “niallhoran: Rock and roll royalty at the show tonight in Seattle , not everyday you get to play I front of your heroes ! Eddie Vedder and Matt Cameron ,.

I just wish I could snuggle with him call him mine! Kiss his sweet lips. I'm just a fan to him but I can only dream of being more! ~Cassie<< you just read my thoughts didn't you.

Watch Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson act out One Direction fan fiction in this Radio 1 video clip. Niall and Louis put their acting chops t.