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Franz Reichelt realizando desde la Torre Eiffel en 1912 el primer salto BASE que se haya documentado en la historia; el capítulo termino trágicamente pero su osado espíritu quedó registrado

Franz Reichelt (d. attempted to use this contraption as a parachute. Reichelt died after he jumped off the Eiffel Tower wearing his invention, which failed to operate properly as a parachute.

1940s Hairstyles & What They Revealed About A Girl’s Love Life

1940s Hairstyles & What They Revealed About A Girl's Love Life

Life Magazine is one of the most popular and longest running magazines. In Life Magazine wrote about what different hairdos mean about a girl’s relationship status. Bows were a big part of their hairdo.


it’s not Halloween. But still we’re here with some creepy things that we found all around the place. Things that causes fear… we f.

I Thought This Baby Was Insane At First. Turns Out Her Dad Is The Crazy One... Whoa.

Emil Nystrom is a photographer from Sweden. In an ongoing personal photo series, Nystrom takes creative and funny portraits of his daughter.

Pa Has The Axe and Ma Has The Cats

Between baby pig and cat, Uncle Tom always preferred baby pig, yet he had trouble using his ax for playing.

It is my understanding from the media that this little girl is trying to defend her mother after she had been stoned to death . It hurts me to look at this photo. I feel many emotions. I want to help them both. I want to rescue and save them - somehow. How?

An Afghan beggar woman clad in burqa sleeps on a road, as her daughter throws a small stone for fun while waiting for alms on the out skirts of Kabul, Afghanistan.

Lots of Dutch people are very tall.  They're supposedly the tallest group of people in one nation in the world:  http://www.wisegeek.com/which-country-has-the-tallest-people.htm

Robert Wadlow: Tallest Man Ever Lived Image: Robert with his father Harold Franklin Wadlow ft 11 in) Robert Pershing Wadlow (February 1918 –.

n 25th April 1977, the Japanese trawler Zuiyo-maru accidentally hauled up a 10-m-long vertebrate carcass while about 30 miles off the coast of Christchurch, New Zealand. They didn’t want to retain the carcass for fear of contaminating their catch, but it was photographed and a few tissue samples were taken before it was discarded.

Zuiyo Maru Monster: April 25 Japanese fishing boat, Zuiyo Maru pulled up this creature off the coast of Christchurch, New Zealand. It seemed to resemble a plesiosaur (Jurassic period) however, the creature was found to only have been dead a month.