because not all art has to be painted..

Tales of the Unexpected Vogue UK December 2008 Sophie Drake and Alice Gibb by Tim Walker Gowns by Bellville Sassoon Lorcan Mullany

ロマンチックで無邪気な雰囲気に包まれた、非日常的世界を作り上げる イギリスの写真家Tim Walker(ティム・ウォーカー)。 モデルに実際には着られないような服を着せ、たくさんのファンタジーの引用から制作される イメー […]...

This mean dolly was trying to kick my Pink Monster’s ass… I rescued him and then he ran away! Tim Walker: Story Teller At Somerset House In London, UK

Catherine Deneuve

"Catherine Deneuve’s wedding day". Not Really says this is a still from a movie and that groom is not David Bailey. Avec l'acteur Jean-Pierre Honoré dans « Le vice et la vertu

Coci la elle(コシラエル)ふたつとない出会いの手作り日傘

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野田凪のクリエーション : 夜が明ける前に

I feel bad for the shadow girl. like the shoes though and mabey the dress with less.

【アリス】アリスの世界観を追及したい。ティーパーティ シーンの小物は可愛い。

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Liu Wen, Xiao Wen & Asia Chow in W Magazine by Tim Walker, March 2012

"Magical Thinking" - Asia Chow, Liu Wen, and Xiao Wen Ju by Tim Walker for W Magazine March 2012

ため息がでちゃう程美しい、ティム・ウォーカーの作品集(Tim Walker) - NAVER まとめ

Tim Walker photography - like a dream! But even more perfect would be gathering those flowers from your own garden.

*staff* photo; Yusuke Iida hair & make-up; Tomofumi Itokawa (ants) styling; Hiroko Tsurumi (bliss) model; kate howat (Cinq Deux Un)

Yusuke Iida hair & make-up; kate howat (Cinq Deux Un)

Tim Walker best work for 2014 so far ◎ティム・ウォーカーの2014最新作品でクリエイタースランプを倒す!

maja salamon, ola rudnicka, and esmeralda seay-reynolds by tim walker for vogue may

Michal Pudelka's portfolio work. Love the use of contrasting colour between the subjects and background.

goo-cci: bloomai: formybelovedfools: pomeray:pomeray: upcomings by michal pudelka i need to do something with this photo because its prob.


Sophie Drake photographed in Suffolk for the December 2008 issue, Vogue UK Photo by Tim Walker/Vogue



The Cinderella Project / Brides Enchanted Bride, Beautiful window, Huge flower and Butterfly