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Seasaltwithfood: Tofu Wrap

Here is a healthy and tasty Tofu Wrap recipe. The pan-fried tofu is wrapped with fresh pea shoots, cucumber, and some Roasted Red Pepper R.

Smokey Baked Tofu

Smokey Baked Tofu

Tofu Cutlets Marsala Recipe

Tofu Cutlets Marsala Recipe

Tofu Cutlets Marsala: In this dish, tofu "cutlets" are dredged and sauteed as you would a chicken breast or fish fillet. Try the technique using any of your favorite pan sauces.

Mapo Tofu

Meatless Mapo Tofu

What we want for dinner tonight: this spicy Ma Po Tofu from Hannah Kaminsky.

Scissors and Spice: Vegan Mofo: Make Your Own Tofu Meat! It's Neat!  ("neat" is not the word I'd use!)

Tofu meat--eerily realistic looking! I had a weird idea for making tofu bacon. Instead of marinating the outside of the slices, why not.

A taste of the Caribbean

[donotprint] If you haven’t heard…I love tofu! Whoever called or continues to call or think of tofu as boring has clearly not gotten experimental with.

Vegan Epicurean: Recipe Ideas - Ian Made Dinner Tonight

No recipes from tonight since I didn’t cook. We went out to dinner with our Egyptian friend Walid. Since we live in the same neighborhood we.

Spicy, sweet, savory and a tad bit sour - this BBQ baked tofu will convert your most staunch meat lovers.

Slathering tofu with barbecue sauce is a great way to add flavor, and to possibly even convert a few staunch meat eaters.

Spicy Korean Tofu, described by Ruth Reichl as: “A beautiful dish, which takes ten minutes, costs very little, and is so utterly delicious.”

Tofu, Edamame & Soju

Warm Tofu with Spicy Garlic Sauce -- photo and recipe from Alexandra's kitchen. still have to succeed at making good tofu.

Lemon-Dijon Tofu and Potatoes HealthyAperture.com

Lemon-Dijon Tofu & Potatoes