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Venividimultiplex, The Uniting Lightstar (2015) © Frank Karssing

Watching the lights in the city and on the beautiful canals of Amsterdam. Read everything you want to know about the Amsterdam Light Festival 2015 here >>

Cambodian Trees: Digitally Projected Deities and Sprits on the Streets of Cambodia trees projection digital Cambodia

“Cambodian Tree Projections by Clément Briend “Cambodian culture is deeply rooted in a spirituality - marked by a belief in genii and fantasy creatures.

The Taj Mahal | India

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India during festival of lights

Earth Pictures ‏ NASA released a satellite image of India from the evening of the festive holiday of Diwali, the celebration of lights

Celebración artística por la llegada de la lluvia en Canadá.

Reflected in a puddle of melted snow, people and dogs walk past umbrellas suspended from trees at Spanish Banks Beach in Vancouver, British Columbia, on Feb. The art installation, called the.

Indian Sikhs light oil lamps in the state of Punjab.

Happy Diwali! 10 Colorful Photos of the Festival of Lights

Diwali essay in hindi for kids Short Essay On Diwali In Hindi And English in Words For Kids If you are searching for essay on Diwali Festival then you are in the right place where you can all.

This man holding up a sign promoting religious tolerance in Mumbai. This world needs some more

This man holding up a sign promoting religious tolerance in Mumbai.

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Diwali – or the Festival of Lights – is the biggest and brightest of all the Hindu celebrations. An ancient festival to celebrate the triumph of light over dark and.

Diwali | ... festival of light and hope all of you have a fun filled Diwali

Diwali Special: Light Diya at These 7 Places To Keep Money Flowing in Life for Rest of the Year