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El oh el

The Doctor, from Doctor Who, in the game show episode (The Long Game in this very true relatable post.

Sadly, this is me.

Single or Taken?

From now on I'm calling myself the White Crayon. "Hey are you hungry?" "The White Crayon is always hungry." "The White Crayon enjoys Taco Bell." - The White Crayon (formerly known as Brook)


The old Disney Channel is so full of wisdom and important life lessons. In my opinion,the old Disney Channel is SO much better!

Yup...it happens

down the hallway.or being at work so much you can tell who's coming down the hall by their footsteps or jingle of keys!

what are humans putting into the atmosphere...?

If cockroaches can survive atomic bombs and chemical warfare, what is in a can of Raid?


Funny pictures about When a package says "Easy Open". Oh, and cool pics about When a package says "Easy Open". Also, When a package says "Easy Open" photos.


Not being able to pull off a prank because you're laughing like an idiot the whole time. (This is also the reason why I'm bad at pranks) =p


Relatable Post Knowing your family so well, you can tell who's coming down the stairs by the sound of their footsteps. So true!

Yeah I'm cheap

So Relatable - Relatable Posts, Quotes and GIFs.oh wait i dont get to use my parents money

This quote symbolizes me and Liliya ( my best friend )

true best friend best friends so true teen quotes relatable so relatable