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I think the next crochet stash buster will be hexagons. Is this because the kindergartners are learning about snowflakes?

Material de colecciòn imperdible en toda mano artesana que recièn se incia como para la que ya hace tiempo realiza labores a crochet ,e...

Over 1400 crochet diagrams for motifs,edgings,flowers and crochet stitches. all in diagram or chart form!

SOLO PUNTOS: crochet círculos, pentagonal, triangulos

an absolute ton of smaller crochet motif patterns here including triangle square hexagon and circles thread-crochet-square-and-triangle


Schemes of knitting crochet bodice . Discussion on LiveInternet - Russian Service Online Diaries

GALA crochet, hand ...... _ images from baby toot nan share - heap Sugar

a TON of crochet pattern diagrams - and I mean page after page. Round motifs, square ones, triangles, edgings, lace - on and on and on.