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Mom knows what's up...

When Ma don't care

ME as a mom idk if you're gay your going cuz I don't have to cook dinner lol


The 37 Greatest Comebacks In All Of Human History- "it was as if she had been poured into her clothes and forgotten to say 'when'"


Ahahaha well, dead serious because they took the game dead serious

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HELP I'M LITERALLY DYING XD Okay that's something my brother and his "best friend" would do . I mean really <<< I don't have a brother but this is hilarious

@ZACKARAD — kurtbraunohler:   Last night I got an unprompted...

strangevibezz: “kurtbraunohler: “ Last night I got an unprompted text from a random number. ” This is my area code.

People are gay even without gay people on TV plus there are some show with se form of LGBT and it brings so much spice

13 Times Tumblr Made You Check Your Homophobia At The Door

My boyfriend is the 1st one, 2nd one is my friend Josh, and the third one I hope is no one XD

First is my hubby, second is my best friend, and the third better pray like hell that I don't find out about him, cause otherwise he's cat food.

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When you're on a softball team you also have nine other girls with bats<<< yeah, be afraid especially when she's the top hitter

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10+ Times Tumblr Totally Roasted The Shit Out Of Men For Not Understanding How Periods Work

hey if ur a cis woman can u just. and just when talking abt genitals and gender in general? u do realize. that lots of boys get periods right?