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You can take great macro shots with the gear you already have.  No expensive macro lens required!

macro photography can be one of the more challenging types of photography to succeed at. Here’s some basic techniques and the tools required to get started. The best part is, you don’t even have to buy an expensive macro lens to take great macro shots.

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Photo Challenges for Any Month or Season

Take the 31 Day Photo Challenge - this'd be a great teaching tool or just a great way to challenge yourself if you're in a creative rut

Cheat sheet to manual photography

Using a photography cheat sheet or more than one is an easy way to learn techniques. In here, there's a large number of photography cheat sheets.

Think Before You Click.jpg

Learn DSLR basics from the site clickitupanotch. Such a good reminder for a beginner like me! Also good and practical advice.

Aspect Ratio: know before you crop on Boost Your Photography

Aspect Ratio: Think of Your Crop before You Shoot