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they should play this at the beginning to every Twilight movie.

Grumpy Cat never gets old, so why not respond to your most annoying e-mails with the most intolerant cat around.

Happy graduation?

Grumpy Cat--You may not have lost all your marbles, but there's definitely a hole in the bag. I love Grumpy Cat.

Grumpy cat loves doom music

If You've Ever Worked Retail You'll Understand.I've worked retail and feel just like grumpy cat!

Vulcan of Love (Where Steve Miller meets Spock...Much Nerd Love For It!)

Some people call me a space cowboy. Some people call me the vulcan of love.

Vincent van NO…it's on this board and not in the humor one, because its just cool. Emulating a master with the funniest cat ever. Yup. Cool. :D

Vincent van NO…

Because internet memes are the new fine art, here is a painting of Tard the Grumpy Cat in the style of Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night. It was made by a Ne

oh damn!

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Just another stupid human

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