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3D ART Streetart in de lift

"Great White Shark Attack" art created on elevator floor by Robert Smith. I would never go in that elevator.i would be that guy.but that would still happen

Lift off from Cape Dover.This drawing was used to raise money for the BBC Children In Need Appeal 2013

36 Reality Defying Chalk Drawings By Julian Beever [Gallery] : The Lion's Den University

I Thought This Guy Was Weird At First. But Then I Zoomed Out And... WHOA.

I Thought This Guy Was Weird At First. But Then I Zoomed Out And... WHOA.

Julian Beever is an English artist that creates surreal chalk drawings on pavement surfaces. His art is sometimes so convincing that people avoid potholes he has drawn on a pavement. His nickname is "the pavement picasso". His chalk art can take.

Crazy river. Just hold on and here we go… Julian Beever

The Best 3D Street Art (Photo Gallery, Video)

3D Chalk Art, Germany  photo and art by edgarmueller

Lava Burst in Germany~Edgar Mueller is a German artist who creates incredible pavement art using the street as his canvas. He paints over large areas of urban public life and gives them a new appearance, thereby challenging the perceptions of passers-by.

PAM - gevelkunst

There was something in those stars under the tree. And something in that tree under the stars.

Very Realistic 3D Street Art, deer.

I’ve done a post or two on this guy Nikolaj Arndt. His sidewalk chalk drawings are mind boggling. As usual we have to give a big H/T to Hujonwi this AM for theses pics.