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SolaRoad: carriles bici que generan energía. Holanda tiene un pequeño tramo de carril para bicicletas que capta la luz solar y la convierte en electricidad. El proyecto de esta calzada fotovoltaica inició en el 2009, es bastante ambicioso, y tiene múltiples aplicaciones. Aportamos datos y fotografías de sus características principales.  #Energiasrenovables

Solar Roadway Installed in Netherlands Works Better Than Anticipated

Natural gas is an abundant and energy efficient fuel source that is used your home on a daily basis. Whether it’s your stove, fireplace or furnace, natural gas is a good choice when your goal is to cut costs and save energy.

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The gadget that makes sure your phone is ALWAYS charged: Light-powered screen could mean mobiles never run out of battery | Wysips technology converts artificial and sunlight energy into electricity |  It can be fitted to the screens of phones, tablets and watches |  Prototype converts 10 minutes of light energy into four minutes of battery | The technology could be used in phones as early as 2014

Solar-powered screens mean phones never run out of battery

Wysips technology turns smartphone displays into battery chargers. A screen that charges your mobile phone?

Living Algae Lamps may be a new answer to Climate Change. They consume CO2 and produce oxygen - at much higher rates than trees - and are highly cost & energy efficient. Imagine these replacing city street lamps! Fascinating.

Living Microalgae Lamp Absorbs CO2 from the Air...

algae street lamp- Can an Algae-Powered Lamp Quench Our Thirst For Energy? A French chemist is developing street lights that can absorb carbon dioxide 200 times more efficiently than trees

afotw:  “ Beekman Plazas, by James Corner Field Operations and Piet Oudolf, in Manhattan, New York City.  ”

afotw: “ Beekman Plazas, by James Corner Field Operations and Piet Oudolf, in Manhattan, New York City. ”

Голландия. Велосипедные дорожки и автомагистрали с солнечными батареями. Идея в том, что дороги вырабатывают солнечную энергию и освещают путь, а также заряжают механические и электрические транспортные средства.

Great news for the first solar road. The project’s creators didn’t expect such a high energy yield this quickly. Source: The World’s First Solar Road Is Producing More Energy Than Expected

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Phytoremediation is a bioremediation process that uses various types of plants to remove, transfer, stabilize, and/or destroy contaminants in the soil and groundwater.


Ingenious, eco-friendly concepts are all around us, there's no denying that. This one caught our eye because it's pretty innovative, seemingly well thought out.

Garden in Winter #LandscapeDesignPlans

Garden in Winter #LandscapeDesignPlans

Need to juice your phone? 25 battery charging stations were installed in New York city street’s . The units are fed with energy from solar panels, with the capacity to absorb UV rays, even during cloudy days. Check out more on the novelty in this article:  http://www.treehugger.com/solar-technology/new-york-gets-juiced-new-public-solar-charging-stations.html

New Yorkers get juiced with solar charging stations

Sea and land breeze power the eco friendly Beach Lamp concept

The onboard turbine efficiently converts land and sea breeze into electricity, which is then stored in an onboard battery. After dark, the stored energy is

new solar power technology -- The nanoantennas are thus able to harvest energy both during daytime hours and into the early evening. Because they can take in energy from both sunlight and the earth’s heat, the nanoantennas have a much higher efficiency (and potential applicability) than conventional solar cells.

New Solar Panels That Work At Night...

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