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the Phoenix should make the greatest symbol for fibromyalgia.  In reality, we burn our previous life to become a Fibromyalgiac.  It is a violent change, but we are still very beautiful.

The Mythological Bird Phoenix. A mythical bird that never dies. From the ashes a new one rises.

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stablercake: sweetrivertree: proctalgia: this is important As someone who works at a tattoo shop, I can say this is pretty accurate for those who are interested If the wrist is not among the most painful I am never getting a tattoo in those red places

You set my soul on fire.. Yet it never hurt me... Your caress was a lick of flame travailing against my skin ... You made me burn with in and yet the whispered words gentled it to a slow smoldering... This is the price and the sacrifice I'd gladly pay... To once again have and feel this way... Peaceful Blessings BY Awaikeena Winddancer Rainwolf (aka me)

[Element of fire/Divine Feminine/subconscious mind?within males & females alike.

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A bird that lived for five or six centuries in the Arabian desert, after this time burning itself on a funeral pyre and rising from the ashes with renewed youth to live through another cycle. -expand wings to go around shoulder a bit

The story of the PHOENIX ….. Rising!!! | It Is What It Is

The story of the PHOENIX ….. Rising!!!

The phoenix is a magical bird who, when it dies, turns to ash and is then reborn from the ashes

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Compass Tattoos Design Ideas for Men and Women. Although the compass tattoo is not a mainstream tattoo design, it still has a popularity.