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Miss Lace of 'Male Call' by Milton Caniff

Miss Lace Male Call Milton Caniff

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Peek Inside The Notebooks Of The World’s Best Comic Artists

Sketchbook page by Charles Burns featured in the new book 'Comics Sketchbooks'

“You chumps! If you only knew how I hate you!” - All True Romance #9 (1953) - Artist uncredited

“You chumps!” - All True Romance - Artist uncredited

John Paul Leon

Hommage à dragon Lady de Milton Caniff


Valentina, by / selon Guido Crepax

Alex Raymond

High-contrast ink illustration by Alex Raymond

Milton Caniff Dragon Lady | item caniff burma smoking hand colored print 2 next item caniff ...

tallulahdreaming: “ “Dragon Lady” - illustration by Milton Caniff.

By Milton Caniff

By Milton Caniff

Cameron Stewart Sketches Art

Art by Cameron Stewart

discovering life in comicbooks

My favourite comic ever

Clerc - Pin-Up Comic Art

Clerc - Pin-Up Artist: Serge Clerc (Penciller)

FRANK FRAZETTA - Li'l Abner strips - prints by comicartfans.com

Li'l Abner by Frazetta

Merlin Enabnit Holeproof Stockings SEXY PINUP Luxsheer Rayons 1942 Print Ad

creepingirrelevance: “ Holeproof Hosiery Co.

Валентина вошла. Она небрежно легла на отмененную кровать, окутанная тяжелым туманом мыслей, свободные слова и чувства наполняют воздух вокруг нее. Валентина Rosselli - героиня прославленного итальянского художника комиксов и графического романиста Guido Crepax, который начал рисовать знаменитый…

Guido Crepax’s VALENTINA MOVIE – … not a movie at all… but an Italian Comics Maestro’s retrospective, 120 original comic book panels, on view in Rome until Sept

IMAGE(I)NARTE: el arte de la imaginación: ALEX RAYMOND

Flash Gordon and Dale Arden by Alex Raymond

Steve Canyon by Milton Caniff. An american classic!

Steve Canyon comic strip - Another one of my favorite comic strips.