Annwn Merithon, one of the oldest elves in Eama and a powerful mage in most lores, is on a journey in the Second world.

Troll fellas by eoghankerrigan

Feeling kind of rusty since I haven't been very motivated these days, so I did what I usually do in times like this.

Handsome- Ogre Portrait by Jay French Studios

Handsome- Ogre Portrait by Jay French Studios

Rowdy Goblins by GaryLaibArt on DeviantArt

Whydiis Grubba and Brojr Bhugan are not the sharpest knife in the drawer in the goblin village Jadramiis in the south Morlimi forest.

ArtStation - Character Progression , Carl Johan Bäckman

Character design and concept practice featuring a barbarian female inspired by Diablo and Conan, going through the levels and gaining better gear on the way.