Hanbok fashion show

Leading Hanbok designer Lee Young-hee presents modern interpretations of traditional designs in a Hanbok fashion show to celebrate the Korean Culture and Information Service (KOCIS)'s anniversary on Dec.

Korean museum displaying Korean Wedding Hanbok

Hwarot is a type of traditional Korean clothing worn during the Goryeo and Joseon Dynasty by royal women for ceremonial occasions or by commoners for weddings.It originated from the Kingdom of Khotan, Central Asia.

Yi Seong Hye, <a href='http://travel.cnn.com/seoul/life/interview-miss-korea-2011-korean-fashion-big-dreams-and-plastic-surgery-095759' target='_blank'>Miss Korea in 2011</a>, models Kumdanje's 2013 bridal line. The white hanbok evokes the 1870s, when Western influences came to Korean clothing for the first time and brides modified their hanbok in the Western bridal style, wearing them with veils and lace undertones.

Long in the shadow of the kimono and cheongsam, the Korean hanbok is enjoying a revival in international fashion circles.

Korea, Joseon Dynasty, 黄真伊

Hwang Jin Yi (황진이) Ha Ji Won stars in this award-winning drama about the legendary Korean poet, musician, dancer and gisaeng from the Joseon Era